Local Learning and Skills Council - Area


The LLSC (England), DCELLS (Wales) or ER (Scotland) code for each postcode. Pseudo codes are included for Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. The field will otherwise be blank for postcodes with no OA code.

Full name: Local Learning and Skills Council (LLSC)/ Dept. of Children, Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills (DCELLS)/Enterprise Region (ER)

Code: teclec


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Aberdeen City and Shire S09000001
Cheshire and Warrington E24000025
Wiltshire and Swindon E24000036
Bedfordshire and Luton E24000004
Lincolnshire and Rutland E24000009
Coventry and Warwickshire E24000043
Kent and Medway E24000031
Hampshire and the Isle of Wight E24000028
Birmingham and Solihull E24000041
Tyne and Wear E24000018
Milton Keynes, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire E24000026
Devon and Cornwall E24000032
Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole E24000034
Herefordshire and Worcestershire E24000042
Highlands and Islands S09000003
Berkshire E24000027
The Black Country E24000040
Cambridgeshire E24000002
London Central E24000014
County Durham E24000019
Cumbria E24000021
Derbyshire E24000007
South East Wales W16000004
London East E24000015
East of Scotland S09000002
West of England E24000035
Essex E24000006
Gloucestershire E24000037
Greater Manchester E24000024
Greater Merseyside E24000023
Hertfordshire E24000005
Humberside E24000047
Lancashire E24000022
Leicestershire E24000010
London West E24000013
London South E24000016
London North E24000012
South West/Mid Wales W16000002
Norfolk E24000001
North Yorkshire E24000044
North Wales W16000001
Northamptonshire E24000011
Northumberland E24000017
Nottinghamshire E24000008
South of Scotland S09000004
West of Scotland S09000006
Shropshire E24000038
Somerset E24000033
South Wales W16000003
South Yorkshire E24000046
Staffordshire E24000039
Suffolk E24000003
Surrey E24000029
Sussex E24000030
Tayside S09000005
Tees Valley E24000020
West Yorkshire E24000045