Built-up Area Sub-division (BUASD) - Area


The code for the BUASDs in England and Wales. Pseudo codes are included for those OAs not classed as 'built-up' and cross-border codes are included for areas straddling the English/Welsh border. Pseudo codes are also included for Scotland, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. The field will otherwise be blank for postcodes with no OA code

Full name: Built-up Area Sub-division

Code: buasd11


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Network 65 Business Park BUASD E35001534
Itchen Abbas BUASD E35000105
Waltham Abbey BUASD E35001386
Newton Abbot BUASD E35001055
Abbotswood BUASD E35001578
Stapleford Abbotts BUASD E35000373
Abbotts Ann BUASD E35000275
Aberbargoed BUASD W38000026
Abercarn BUASD W38000007
Aberdare BUASD W38000125
Abergavenny BUASD W38000044
Abergele BUASD W38000117
Aberporth BUASD W38000090
Abersychan BUASD W38000003
Abertysswg BUASD W38000059
Aberystwyth BUASD W38000133
Abingdon BUASD E35001205
Sutton Abinger BUASD E35000437
Great Abington BUASD E35001150
Little Abington BUASD E35000881
Accrington BUASD E35001256
High Ackworth BUASD E35000713
Ackworth Moor Top BUASD E35000804
Low Ackworth BUASD E35001083
Acton Gate BUASD E35001549
Charlton Adam BUASD E35000714
Addington BUASD E35001144
Addlestone BUASD E35000364
Adlington BUASD E35000924
Adwick le Street BUASD E35001482
Ainsworth BUASD E35000311
Fairford Airfield BUASD E35000306
Culdrose Airfield BUASD E35001016
Bourn Airfield BUASD E35001525
St Merryn Airfield (disused) BUASD E35001597
Eye Airfield Industrial Estate BUASD E35001615
Edith Weston Airfield BUASD E35001625
Lyneham Airfield BUASD E35000197
Keevil Airfield BUASD E35001608
St Eval Airfield BUASD E35001647
Chivenor Airfield BUASD E35000712
Airfield, nr Westonzoyland BUASD E35001662
Nottingham Airport BUASD E35001655
Newcastle International Airport BUASD E35001542
Bembridge Airport BUASD E35001642
London Stansted Airport BUASD E35001570
Barrow / Walney Island Airport BUASD E35001663
Gloucestershire Airport BUASD E35001209
Bristol International Airport BUASD E35000506
St Albans BUASD E35001183
Aldershot BUASD E35000207
Aldridge BUASD E35000588
Alfreton BUASD E35001356
Fornham All Saints BUASD E35001092
Almondsbury BUASD E35000420
Alsager BUASD E35000813
Alsagers Bank BUASD E35000921
Altham BUASD E35001023
Althorpe BUASD E35000204
Altrincham BUASD E35000243
Alverstone Garden Village BUASD E35000541
Ambergate BUASD E35001274
Amersham BUASD E35001417
Ammanford BUASD W38000018
Barking and Dagenham BUASD E35001364
Morton (Newark and Sherwood) BUASD E35001644
Farndon (Cheshire West and Chester) BUASD K06000001
Kensington and Chelsea BUASD E35000074
Brighton and Hove BUASD E35000260
Farndon (Newark and Sherwood) BUASD E35000480
Hammersmith and Fulham BUASD E35000839
Andover BUASD E35001292
Rushmere St Andrew BUASD E35000861
Blunsdon St Andrew BUASD E35000185
St Ann's Chapel BUASD E35000988
Anna Valley BUASD E35001377
Lytham St Anne's BUASD E35000997
Annesley Woodhouse BUASD E35001520
Arborfield Garrison BUASD E35000406
Arborfield Cross BUASD E35000806
Hampton in Arden BUASD E35000671
New Arley BUASD E35000446
Old Arley BUASD E35000215
Armthorpe BUASD E35001073
Arnold BUASD E35000779
North Ascot BUASD E35000083
Cold Ash BUASD E35000966
Walter's Ash BUASD E35001172
Ash BUASD E35000256
Kirkby-in-Ashfield BUASD E35000267
Sutton in Ashfield BUASD E35000381
Ashford (Ashford) BUASD E35001149
Ashford (Spelthorne) BUASD E35000481
Kingsnorth (Ashford) BUASD E35001360
Ashingdon BUASD E35001051
Ashley BUASD E35000372
Ashmore Green BUASD E35000577
Ashtead BUASD E35000236
Ashton-in-Makerfield BUASD E35000166
Ashton-under-Lyne BUASD E35000787