Built-up Area - Area


The code for the BUAs in England and Wales. Pseudo codes are included for those OAs not classed as 'built-up' and cross-border codes are included for areas straddling the English/Welsh border. Pseudo codes are also included for Scotland, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. The field will otherwise be blank for postcodes with no OA code.

Full name: Built-up Area (BUA)

Code: bua11


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Winterbourne Abbas BUA E34003863
Itchen Abbas/Easton BUA E34004574
Cerne Abbas BUA E34001586
Bradford Abbas BUA E34003209
Abberton BUA E34003718
Abbeytown BUA E34001441
Newton Abbot BUA E34004823
Abbots Leigh BUA E34002018
Abbots Bromley BUA E34000212
Hemingford Abbots BUA E34003816
Abbotsbury BUA E34000179
Abbotskerswell BUA E34001111
Abbotsley BUA E34001803
Swanton Abbott BUA E34000784
Aston Abbotts BUA E34003240
Aberaeron BUA W37000251
Abercrave BUA W37000061
Abercych BUA W37000449
Abercynon BUA W37000347
Aberdare BUA W37000399
Aberdovey BUA W37000265
Aberfan BUA W37000314
Aberford BUA E34000124
Abergavenny BUA W37000417
Kinmel Bay/Abergele BUA W37000381
Abergwili BUA W37000323
Abermule BUA W37000029
Aberporth BUA W37000388
Abersoch BUA W37000297
West Aberthaw BUA W37000436
Abertillery BUA W37000092
Abertridwr BUA W37000147
Aberystwyth BUA W37000398
Abingdon BUA E34004922
Abinger Hammer BUA E34000577
Great Abington/Little Abington BUA E34004692
Abingworth BUA E34000319
Abridge BUA E34002713
Acaster Malbis BUA E34001163
Accrington/Rossendale BUA E34004905
Ackleton BUA E34000931
HM Prison Acklington BUA E34005281
Ackworth Moor Top BUA E34005020
Acle BUA E34001274
Acomb BUA E34001405
Castle Acre BUA E34000957
Acton Burnell BUA E34002970
Acton BUA E34003552
Acton Bridge BUA E34004117
Iron Acton BUA E34002484
Acton Turville BUA E34000178
Acton Trussell BUA E34002129
Charlton Adam BUA E34004718
Adderbury BUA E34003130
Addingham BUA E34002422
Great Addington BUA E34001699
Little Addington BUA E34000025
Addington BUA E34004666
New Addington BUA E34000214
Adisham BUA E34002676
Adlington BUA E34005151
Adwick le Street BUA E34005028
Thruxton Aerodrome BUA E34002346
Dunsfold Aerodrome BUA E34005290
Turweston Aerodrome BUA E34005128
Ystrad Aeron BUA W37000055
Burton Agnes BUA E34001295
St Agnes BUA E34001010
University of Nottingham School of Agriculture BUA E34003435
Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton BUA E34000837
Wattisham Airfield BUA E34002671
Marham Airfield BUA E34002690
Wittering Airfield BUA E34004414
Kirkbride Airfield BUA E34005077
Airfield, nr Defford BUA E34005110
Tatenhill Airfield BUA E34005152
Airfield, nr North Pickenham BUA E34005177
Breighton Airfield BUA E34005309
Sculthorpe Airfield BUA E34005325
Airfield, nr Templeton BUA W37000439
Airfield, nr St Ishmael's BUA W37000457
Middle Wallop Airfield BUA E34001433
Scampton Airfield BUA E34001990
Dishforth Airfield BUA E34003103
Cosford Airfield BUA E34004386
Long Marston Airfield BUA E34005117
Wroughton Airfield BUA E34005181
Kemble Airfield BUA E34005223
Airfield, nr Halesworth BUA E34005244
Airfield, nr Pershore BUA E34005314
Wymeswold Airfield (disused) BUA E34005088
Burn (Selby) Airfield BUA E34005094
Predannack Airfield BUA E34005111
Wombleton Airfield BUA E34005163
Airfield, nr Aylsham BUA E34005222
Airfield, nr Camelford BUA E34005285
Airfield, nr Colsterworth BUA E34005326
Valley Airfield BUA W37000435
St Davids Airfield BUA W37000441
Llanbedr Airfield (disused) BUA W37000458